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Dance Grenada, A Dance Festival, provides a platform for Grenadian and International dance artisans to share and increase their knowledge base of traditional and contemporary dance styles and techniques through dance workshops, performances and panel discussions, and symposiums while contributing to the larger Grenadian and dance community and the world around them.


This year's festival will take place over the span of three days. The projected dates of the festival will be October 22-24, 2022. The festival will take place in the South region of Grenada while its goal is to bring awareness to various regions of the island and its cultural practices.


This festival will be another opportunity to honor the cultural practices of Grenada while showcasing the illustrious gems that Grenada has to offer. Participants in this unique dance festival will enliven and enrich their own, and each other’s, experience of dance and cultural heritage while adding to the larger Grenadian dance community. Dance artists, choreographers, and educators facilitate and promote dance performances, preserve cultural legacy, and facilitate community engagement.